11 Critical Questions to ask a Miami Listing Agent before Listing your home for sale…

June 25, 2012



Hiring a Miami listing agent to sell your home can be confusing.  With over 20,000 Realtors in Dade County, how does a Seller choose which is the right agent to handle the sale of their Miami home?

The 11 Questions below will guide Miami Home Sellers in making the right decision as to whom to entrust with the sale of their home..

1)  What % of your sales this year have been Sellers that you represented (as opposed to Buyers)?

(When listing, it is best to seek an agent whose Team infrastructure is designed to serve Sellers).

2) Are you a Realtor-Associate or a Broker-Associate?

(Broker-Associates have committed to gain additional training and knowledge beyond Realtor license requirements to deliver a higher level of service for their clients)

3)  Do you have a Team?

(A cohesive team is necessary to handle all of the steps involved in a Miami real estate transaction.  Some of these steps include: Pre-Qualification of Buyers, Professional Photography, Identifying Suitable Buyers, Marketing the home, Open Houses, Coordination of Secure Showings, Broker Open Houses, Negotiating Incoming Offers, Social Media strategy, negotiating appraisal results,  negotiating inspection results, Contract to Close requirements)

4)  How many people are on your team?

(To reliably handle all of the details above, it is beneficial to hire a Team such as the ShowcaseMiami Team with 5 or more team members)

5)  What is each Team member’s role?

6)  How would you promote my Miami listing through Social Media?

7)  How many Miami Realtors and non-Realtors will receive the marketing piece that you broadcast promoting my new Miami home for sale?

(The ShowcaseMiami Team has a database of over 5,700 Miami Realtor and non-Realtor contacts that receive the marketing piece featuring dynamic, professional photographs of our new Miami listings).

8)  Do you hire a professional photographer to create compelling images for my Miami listing?

(Buyers spend an average of 3 seconds per listing when browsing through Miami listings on-line.  Therefore, it is critical to have compelling professionally crafted images to capture a buyer’s attention versus competing listings).

9)  Will you promote my Miami listing utilizing video of my home?

(ShowcaseMiami Team is now creating custom, narrated video for each of our listings to give our Miami Sellers the edge in the marketplace).

10)  How many Sellers have you successfully represented in reaching a closed sale thus far in your career?

(ShowcaseMiami Team has assisted over 400 Sellers since 2001)

11)  What techniques do you use to make sure that you identify buyers for my Miami listing (as opposed to simply relying on other Realtors to bring their buyers)?

(Contact Jason Smith for a confidential interview and he would be happy to discuss ShowcaseMiami Team’s proprietary technique for identifying buyers for your Miami listing).


ShowcaseMiami Realty specializes in assisting homeowners to Sell their Miami home.

(Highest price in the Shortest period of time)

To discuss a strategy for your home, call…

Jason Smith

Broker (Seller Specialist)

ShowcaseMiami Realty




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