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3 Reasons to contact ShowcaseMiami when selling or buying real estate outside of Florida…

1)  We have a vast network of agents that we work with around the country.

2)  We know what questions to ask a potential agent when vetting the right agent for your out of state referral.

3) Follow-up and added accountability…we communicate with the out of state agent until the deal is closed.

Recent Napa example…

  Our customers purchased a penthouse condo in Coconut Grove and were seeking a 2nd home in the Napa, CA area.  We contacted 4 potential agents in Napa (Saint Helena) and after interviewing them we determined that one was the right choice.  Our customers were very pleased with this agent’s service and closed on a beautiful home with its own vineyard several months later.  See photos below…

ShowcaseMiami buyer referral to Napa area (St. Helena)

ShowcaseMiami buyer referral to Napa area (St. Helena)

St. Helena (back yard view of vineyards)

St. Helena (back yard view of vineyards)

ShowcaseMiami Realty specializes in assisting homeowners to Sell their Miami home.

(Highest price in the Shortest period of time)

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