6 Secrets to maximizing your Miami home’s sales price…

April 28, 2012

1)  De-clutter

Challenge…I was working with a seller whose Coconut Grove townhouse had been on the market by owner for almost a year.   He hired the ShowcaseMiami Team and me to upgrade the marketing to ensure a sale.  The first thing I recommended was to de-clutter by throwing away or storing as many items in the home as possible.  The idea was to create a more open space for buyers to enjoy (rather than feeling claustrophobic the moment one entered the home).

Outcome…The Sellers followed my advice and the Coconut Grove townhome was under contract with a motivated buyer within 10 days.

2) Paint inside and out

It is said that there is no better investment that a homeowner can undertake than to paint the home.  Based on our Sellers’ results, we agree completely.

3)  Try to avoid listing your Miami property in November or December.  It is a fact that there are far fewer buyers during this time of year (than January through April).

The Coconut Grove townhome Seller mentioned in point #1 was ready to list with the ShowcaseMiami Team and me in November.  However, since our goal was to sell the townhome for the highest price in the shortest period of time, I urged the Seller to wait until mid-January (when the Holiday season was behind us) before listing the property.  They did so and the property went under contract in 10 days.

4) Invest in an Appraisal

By investing $400 or so in an appraisal, a Seller has an idea what lenders will feel comfortable financing.  If the appraised price is to the Seller’s liking and supports what they’d like to sell the property for, the Seller can proudly state in the Multiple Listing Service remarks that “the home just appraised for the asking price”.  This is designed to give comfort to the Buyer and Buyer’s Agent that the property is a good value and not overpriced.

If the appraisal result is less than the Seller wishes, the Seller is under no obligation to disclose the appraised price to the public when marketing their property.

5) Invest in a Home Inspection

Home Inspection results from home Buyers are one of the primary reasons that sales fall through.  Sellers can avoid this heartache by investing in their own home inspection prior to listing their property for sale.  This allows the Seller to address the items that are sure to surface during the Buyer’s inspection.

6) Call Jason Smith at 786-326-8115 to discuss the best sales strategy for your particular Miami property.


ShowcaseMiami Realty specializes in assisting homeowners to Sell their Miami home.

(Highest price in the Shortest period of time)

To discuss a strategy for your home, call…

Jason Smith

Broker (Seller Specialist)

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