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Coral Gables Waterway Homes (Standup Paddle Board Perspective)

As a Miami Real Estate Agent, I find that there is no better way to appreciate Coral Gables’ waterfront homes than by stand up paddle board.

Coral Gables Waterway byStandup Paddle Board


Miami Stand Up Paddle Board

Miami Stand Up Paddle Board

Sunday’s Coral Gables paddleboard adventure from Cocoplum to the Biltmore Hotel…

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of standup paddling from Cocoplum to the Biltmore Hotel via the Coral Gables Waterway.  It is a scenic 6-mile journey roundtrip.  I finally had to turn around at the Biltmore Golf Course when I realized I was 200 feet from one of the golf holes.  It felt like being in an artillery range with approaching airborne golf balls.


Along the way, there was so much to appreciate…

Magnificent Homes Historical Homes from the 1920’s

Triple decker yachts behind moored behind Cocoplum waterfront homes

Boat Houses

Sting rays

Exotic birds

Conversations with homeowners relaxing in their back yards

In past trips, I have seen…

tarpon tarpon.jpg

Schools of 4 foot long tarpon





Biltmore Golf Course

Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables (my inland turnaround point)

Did you know?

There are boats larger than 60 feet on the Coral Gables Waterway.  They must depart and return from the dock during low tide only in order to have clearance under the fixed bridges.

Some photos of the Gables Waterway below…


Boat House on Coral Gables Waterway

Boat House on Coral Gables Waterway

Boathouses like the one shown above are plentiful behind the homes of the Coral Gables Waterway.  Boat Houses can not be found in any of the other premium Coral Gables Waterfront Communities including (Gables Estates, Old Cutler Bay, Journeys End or Cocoplum).


Java Head boat slip on Coral Gables Waterway

Java Head boat slip on Coral Gables Waterway

 The 125 foot boat slip (photo above) carved out of the Coral Rock was built by the Army Corps of Engineers.  The U.S. Navy hid ships designed to hunt German U-Boats in this Coral Gables Waterway boat slip because it was so discrete.  The U Boat hunting vessels were manufactured on the Miami River.

Feel free to call me if you would like additional information on areas to explore by standup paddle board in Coral Gables or Coconut Grove.

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