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Does Staging your Miami Home for Sale really make a difference?

One of the biggest challenges I experience as a Miami Listing Agent is communicating to our Sellers how important Staging is in the sales process.  Staging your Miami Listing is as important as Pricing and Marketing your Miami Listing.



In this blog post, you will see two examples of well-staged homes that have sold in the past 30 days with local real estate agents.  You’ll notice that one of the homes is updated with granite counters and other modern updates while the other has original bathrooms and kitchen (yet it is in immaculate condition with no clutter to distract buyers).


Exhibit A…

1611 West 24 Street, Miami Beach, FL 33140


Image unavailableImage unavailableImage unavailable

The 3 photos above show well-staged rooms with no clutter to distract the buyer’s eye from fully appreciating the space that each room offers.

In the bedrooms, curtains are open maximizing the natural light in the room.

Bathroom is staged as if it is a luxury hotel suite (note the embroidered hanging towels and folded towels next to the tub and shower).

There is nothing on the vanity next to the sinks (no toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.)



Exhibit B…

446 Almeria Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134


Image unavailableImage unavailableImage unavailableImage unavailable


The 4 photos above show a property that has not been updated. 

It appears to have original fixtures and floors from 1959. 

The Seller and Listing Agent staged it beautifully by eliminating all clutter from the kitchen and bathroom. 

The living room areas look inviting,  well-lit and without too much furniture. 

Having too much furniture can make rooms appear to be smaller than they actually are.


*If you plan to sell your Miami home in the near future, call Jason Smith for a complimentary evaluation to see if your Miami home is staged to net you the highest sales price.



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