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How important is “turnkey” in selling your Miami home?

The Seller Scenario…

The ShowcaseMiami Team and I have been having conversations with the Sellers of a magnificent new construction home in Miami.

The Question…

Should the Sellers invest $50,000 to $100,000 more in finishes for the home so that the home can be marketed as “turnkey”?

The Experts weigh in…

You may recall the Miami Real Estate Seminars that I moderated at the University of Miami last year.  Expert Panelists included:  The Jills,  Audrey Ross,  Mayi de la Vega,  Jeanne Nicastri and Carlos Justo.  All concurred that today’s Luxury Buyer is looking for turnkey (ready to move in immediately with no remaining updates needed).

The Challenge…

Understandably, the Sellers aren’t keen on investing even more money in this brand new home if it is not absolutely necessary.  What  happens if they complete the finishes and these aren’t to the new Buyer’s taste?

Jason’s Opinion…

Given the Sellers’ limited budget, I recommend carpeting the  bedroom floors (even if the Buyer will change later to wood or marble).  If Buyers see that the home is not yet complete, they will automatically make lower offers than the Seller is willing to consider.

Another Factor for our Sellers to Consider…

Peak season is another factor to consider.  If the Seller elects to finish the home, this could take 2-3 months.  This would mean the property won’t be ready to be listed until July or August.  By then, most of the seasonal buyers have selected the home they will purchase and they are in escrow awaiting the closing.  The idea for most buyers who have children is to close before school starts in late August.

This is a perfect example of the difficult decisions that Sellers sometimes have to make prior to selling real estate in Miami.

Our passion is to assist Sellers in realizing the best possible outcome in the sale of their Miami home.  To discuss the best particular sales strategy for your Miami home, call Jason Smith at 786-326-8115 cell.


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