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What is a “Smart Home”?

What is a smart home ?


There is a term being tossed around the real estate world entitled smart home? Does this mean your humble abode can to read and write? We think not…

Today, we will examine a  21st-century feature that can be found in two of our homes for sale in Pinecrest. The links to these wto elegant homes will be noted below.

Ok, down to business…

A smart home is a residence equipped with lighting, heating/air conditioning in our case, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer. This function includes televisions, computers, entertainment systems and video recording devices. In a nutshell, think The Jetsons.

According to a manufacturer of these devices “you can contact your smart home on the Internet to make sure the dinner is cooked, the central heating is on, the curtains are drawn, and a gas fire is roaring in the grate when you get home”.  In addition, control can be made from room to room.

The benefits of a smart home are obvious and include time savings, convenience and money. However, the all important element of a smart home is it’s “green features”.

A quick read of a newspaper (yes they still exist) or a search on the Internet will reveal the importance of conserving our natural resources. This type of feature certainly fits the bill. These systems allow the homeowner with specialized controls that enable cost and energy savings on lighting, window coverings, HVAC (air conditioning) and  irrigation to name a few. Many new homes can be built with these integrated controls.  I n addition, existing homes can be fitted with a smart system.

We currently have two such homes for sale. Both of these homes are located in Pinecrest. The addresses of these homes are:

Contact Cecilia Tavera-Webman at 305.898.1661 for further instructions.


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